Wash Your Hands & Be a Soaper Hero!

What’s the best way to wash your hands?

1: Wet your hands with warm, running water.

2: Add soap and rub your hands together to make a soapy lather. Do this away from the running water so you don’t wash away the soap.

3: Make sure to wash the front and backs of your hands, between your fingers, under your nails, and your wrists. Scrub for 15-20 seconds. Sing the ABC song twice or sing the Soaper Hero Song!

4: Rinse your hands under warm running water. Turn faucet off with a clean paper towel. (Remember you turned the faucet on with dirty hands.)

5: Dry your hands thoroughly with a clean paper towel.

6: Using the paper towel, open the exit door of the bathroom. Throw away the paper towel.

Print these fun pages to color and put on the wall in your bathroom to remind everyone!

English Poster: https://soaperhero.org/ou-files/soaperHeroes_coloringPage.pdf

Spanish Poster: https://soaperhero.org/ou-files/soaperHeroes_coloringPage_spanish.pdf

Now you are a Handwashing Soaper Hero!

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