Be like a Leprechaun, Be Active!

Have you heard the stories about how sneaky and quick leprechauns are? In order to be super fast like a leprechaun, you’ll have to get outside and practice!

Captain Create has some ideas for games to play, so gather your friends and family and try them out with us!

Who is the Leprechaun?

To play, choose one child to be “it” and send them out of the room. The rest of the kids choose one of them to be the leprechaun. Play some fun music and have the kids start dancing. The leprechaun chooses a dance move and all the other players have to copy the leprechaun.

Bring the “it” player back to the room. They will watch the dancers and try to guess which player is the leprechaun. While they watch, the leprechaun should change the dance moves. It is up to the other kids to watch the leprechaun and quickly change their dance moves to match. When the guessing player correctly identifies the leprechaun, they get to choose the next person to be sent out of the room as the guesser.

Pot of Gold Relay

In this game, teams race to see who can be the first to fill their pot with the Leprechaun’s gold. To play, divide players into two teams. Place one pot at the starting line for each team. Several feet away from the starting line, fill two more pots with gold coins, or rocks, or rice (use your imagination!).

Line the kids up, and when you signal the start of the race, the first players in line must run and retrieve one piece of gold (or a spoonful) from the full pot and bring it back and put it in the empty pot. The remaining players in line must then do the same, repeating with a new runner until one team has transferred all of its gold from one pot to the other.

Leprechaun Tag

In this game, the kids are divided into leprechauns and fairies (since leprechauns and fairies are both Irish myths) with one player being “it.” The “it” player must trap a leprechaun by tagging them. Like freeze tag, when a leprechaun is tagged, they must freeze in place. The fairies can set a leprechaun free by tagging them. But if a fairy is tagged while trying to free a leprechaun, they are also caught and must trade places with the player who is “it.”

Do you think you can spend an hour playing leprechaun games? What other games do you think leprechauns would play? St. Patrick’s day is coming up on the 17th of March, so be ready!

Thanks to The Spruce, and my friend JaRelle, for the games!

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