Start a little bit of spring in your house!

Happy first day of March! I am ready for spring… are you?

Growing herbs and food in a garden at home, even if it is just in a pot in your window, can make lots of yummy things easy for you to eat; they’re right there in your kitchen window! At our house, we grow lots of carrots and tomatoes in the yard, along with some yummy herbs in a window, so that we always have some for our salads and dinners.

We got some of our seeds from the store, and some of them from a friend in Price who grows lots of tomatoes and herbs. Buying seeds, trading seeds, or even getting them with your EBT card are all great ways to learn a new skill, have fun, and grow some healthy food for your family.

We started our “tiny bit of spring” garden in an empty egg carton. Carefully take the top off of the carton. Then add a little bit of dirt, which you can get from outside, or from a neighbor’s or Grandma’s garden, like we did.

Carefully make little spots for your seeds with your fingers, then add your seeds. My little helper chose basil for her favorite meal: spaghetti and meatballs.

Be sure to water your garden when it gets dry, and to keep it in a warm window.

A week ago, we started a whole bunch of tomatoes, and look how many have already started to grow! Be sure to write down what you planted where, so you don’t have mystery plants later.

Let us see your tiny gardens, and tell us what you have planted!

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