Recipe of the week: Carrot Banana Bread!

February is Bake for Family Fun Month! Baking together is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends, plus you get yummy food!

Quality time spent together as parents and children creates opportunities for bonding, positive relationship building, open communication, learning, and more. Research shows that family time and connectedness has been shown to prevent underage drinking, youth violence, and depression (U.S. Department of Health, 2007; CDC, 2014;Guan, et al., 2016).

Today we will be baking with those bananas you forgot to eat, so they are a little bit dark, and some crunchy carrots! Who are you going to bake with today?

Be sure to let it cool before you slice it and share with all your family, friends, and let us know what else you bake as a family! Comment below!

Check out more ideas and recipes by The Home Baking Association at: homebaking.org/bake-for-family-fun/

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