Recipe of the Week: After school snack with Veggie Dip.

A balanced snack is perfect for a little boost of energy in the afternoon. Anyone can need a snack sometimes, whether you are coming home from school or need a boost at work. Healthy snacks always include as many MyPlate Categories as you can think of, and maybe some exercise!

Making food for other people is a great way to say, “I love you!” on Valentine’s Day, so today we will make a Valentines Day snack! You will need a heart cookie cutter (or any shape you like), a cutting board, mixing bowl, and stirring spoon. You may need a grown-up to help with the crunchy carrots.

Start with the veggies!

First we peeled a carrot. Then we sliced cucumbers and carrots into circles. Using your cutter, cut out heart shapes. Save the extra pieces, we can use them later!

Do the same with the cucumbers, or even red peppers, or a slice of a jicama!

Next, mix up some yummy veggie dip for your heart snacks.

It’s easy! Just mix it all up in a bowl!

Which MyPlate categories have we filled so far with our snack?

Let’s add more to our snack, so that we can fill in a couple more parts of our plate.

What parts of the MyPlate plate will we fill if we add slices of ham, cheese, and whole grain crackers? That’s right! Protien, more dairy, and whole grains!

You can make this bit of our snack plate with any combination of meat and cheese that you have in your house.

Don’t forget that Dads need snacks too!

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