“Squash” those Winter Blues!

During these cold winter months it is as important as ever for us to get enough vegetables.  Winter squashes can be a great vegetable to add to your diet to make sure you are getting all your nutrients.  In fact, it’s called winter squash because it can be harvested in the fall and saved all winter long. They have tough outer skin and store best at room temperature; The fridge is too cold!  Winter squashes come in all sorts of different, sizes, shapes, and colors.

Next time you go to the store, count how many different kinds of winter squash there are.

At my store we have 3!

IMG_1944Yellow spaghetti squash, golden butternut squash, and green acorn squash.


What can winter squash do for you? Lots of things! They are easy to cook, add bright colors to your meal, and have lots of vitamin C and A. Vitamin C can help your immune system stay strong, and vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy so you can see well, even when it gets dark early, like in the winter. Winter squashes belong in the Vegetables category on MyPlate, and you can eat them for any meal, even breakfast!


Check back on Thursday for a squash recipe that the whole family can help create:  Roasted Acorn Squash!






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