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Time to Recover!! // Smoothie Round-Up

Have you tried any of Captain Create’s exercises yet? He has some fantastic suggestions for exercises you can do in your house this winter!

When we exercise, it is important to recover with healthy foods. Foods with proteins and carbohydrates are the most important foods to focus on. Smoothies can be a tasty, easy way to give your body the nutrients it needs! Smoothies are usually made with milk, which has a good amount of protein in it. They are also made with fruit. Fruit is full of carbohydrates, the things your body needs to have energy!

Making smoothies is easier than you might think. Follow these 3 simple steps to make your own, or try one of ours below!

Here are some of our favorite smoothies here at Kids Create and Create Better Health! Click on the smoothie name to see the recipes.

Happy creating!

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