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Sunny-side Up Tacos // Enrich Your Diet with Vitamin D

On Monday we talked about the importance of vitamin D. Since it can be hard to get enough vitamin D during the winter months, it is important to include food sources of this vitamin in your diet. Egg yolks have good amounts of vitamin D, and will be used to make our delicious breakfast tacos today!

These tacos are super easy to make. You’ll need eggs, a vegetable, and some tortillas. Today, we chose to use onions and spinach for our vegetable and corn tortillas for our shell. We also added some sliced turkey and cheese, but those ingredients are optional.

Start by cooking your eggs on low-medium heat. Allow the eggs to cook alone for a minute or two.

Next, slowly add in your toppings along with some salt and pepper. Allow your eggs to cook completely.

Add your egg mixture to your tortilla, and enjoy!!

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