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Captain Create Wants You to Move! // Wintertime Physical Activity Ideas

Being physically active is just as important in the winter as it is the rest of the year, but sometimes we may find it more difficult to move our bodies when it’s cold outside! Luckily, with a bit of creativity, we can be just as active during the winter as we are in spring, summer, and fall. Here are some ideas from Captain Create!

Outdoor Activity Ideas
- Sledding! Enjoy the thrill on the downhill and feel the burn on the way back up!
- Shoveling snow! Get a bonus workout by shoveling your neighbor's sidewalks.
- Build a snowy creation! Snow-man, snow-dog, name it, you can create it!
- Bundle up! Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't enjoy a walk or a game of tag. Throw on some extra layers, a hat, and some gloves and have some fun!
Indoor Activity Ideas
- Dance party! Turn up the tunes and see who has the craziest moves. Just make sure to clean up the floor before you get too wild!
- Simon Says! Take turns choosing different exercises while playing the game 'Simon Says' at the same time.
- Hopscotch! Make a hopscotch pattern on the kitchen floor and play with your siblings and friends.
- Create a 'move jar'! Put little slips of paper in a jar with different ideas of things you can do to be active together with your family. Take turns pulling out the slips of paper.
- Workout circuits! Try rotating between different exercises...pushups, squats, and jumping jacks are some great ideas! Watch Captain Create's video on pushups to learn more.

Whatever you do, make sure to have fun! Happy creating!


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