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Holiday Food Fun // Reindeer Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the best ways to eat a balanced meal! Sandwiches are made with two pieces of bread. This counts as our grain. Between the two slices of bread, we like to layer protein sources, like cheese and meat, with spinach, tomatoes, and all sorts of other vegetables! There are many ways to make a sandwich, but today we are going to show you how to make a reindeer sandwich for the holidays!

Here are the ingredients you will need. Bread, cheese, spinach, deli meat, mustard, mayo, a tomato, and an olive.

  • Step 1 – Spread the mustard and mayo on your slices of bread.
  • Step 2 – Layer the cheese, meat, and spinach on your bread.
  • Step 3 – Put the two slices of bread together to make one sandwich.
  • Step 4 – Create a large triangle for the reindeer head by slicing the bottom corners off your sandwich.
  • Step 5 – Take off the cheese, meat, and spinach from the cut corners.
  • Step 6 – Cut two small triangles from the corner pieces.
  • Step 7 – Add the small triangles from Step 6 to the top of the reindeer head to create ears. Slice the crust off the long, straight edge of the corner pieces.
  • Step 8 – Use the crust to create two long antlers coming from the reindeer head.
  • Step 9 – Cut the other two crusts in half.
  • Step 10 – Add the small crusts to the long antlers to create a reindeer “rack.”
  • Step 11 – Gather your tomato, olive, and two small squares of sliced cheese.
  • Step 12 – Slice the tomato and olive in half, horizontally. Cut small circles from the squares of cheese.

Place the two circles of cheese as eyes for the reindeer and top each circle with an olive half. Place 1 half of the cherry tomato on the bottom tip of the reindeer’s nose.

Enjoy and happy creating!!

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