Happy November // Time for Thanks

November is a month where we can focus on gratitude. Do you know what gratitude means?

Captain CREATE says gratitude means we are thankful and happy for the things we have. Being grateful helps us be happier and healthier!

When we are grateful, we exercise more, have better relationships with our friends and family, and visit the doctor less.

How can we bring more gratitude into our lives? Here are 5 ideas Captain CREATE uses to be more grateful.

Say thank you! One of the easiest and simplest ways to show gratitude is to thank people who do nice things for you. We can say thank you to our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and teachers.

Write a gratitude list! How many things can you think of that you’re grateful for? What makes you happy?

Write a note or draw a picture for someone who has done something nice for you! Let them know why you are thankful for them.

Give back and serve! When we clearly see the things we are grateful for, we want to help others. Open the door for someone, do your chores without being asked, help make dinner for a neighbor, or share your toys with a friend.

Smile! Showing gratitude means that you find things to be happy about, even when it is hard. Smiling helps us see the good around us and share happiness with others!

How will you show gratitude today?


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