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Tips from Captain CREATE // Healthy Halloween Candy

Halloween is in 3 more days!! Can you believe it? We are pretty excited too. Captain CREATE even has a costume! Can you guess what animal he will dress as?

Captain CREATE loves candy (especially chocolate) but wants to make his Halloween as healthy as possible. He knows that if he has a plan for eating his Halloween candy, he won’t feel sick. Captain CREATE also wants to make sure his stomach has room for the healthy foods from all the other food groups. If he eats too much candy, he won’t be hungry for fruits or vegetables.

Captain CREATE wants to follow MyPlate. He knows he will need to eat just a little candy and not a lot. Captain CREATE made a plan for his Halloween candy and wants to share some tips with you!

Tip #1 – Choose a number of candies you will eat on Halloween night, and stick to your goal! You could aim for 5 small candies or 1 large piece of candy. Choose your favorite candies and save the rest for later.

Tip #2 – Get excited for leftovers! Make a plan for how you want to use them. Maybe you can bring 1 small piece of candy to lunch each day or save the candy for a party with your friends.

Tip #3 – Share it! Find a way to serve others with your candy. Some kids may not have had the chance to go trick-or-treating because they were sick in the hospital or don’t have a home. Talk to your parents about different places you could donate your candy to.

Have fun trick-or-treating!


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