Grab n’ Go Breakfasts // Yummy Yogurt Parfait

We know breakfast is important, but sometimes it’s hard to find time for this meal. Making breakfast ahead of time is one way to make mornings easier! Take a look at our yummy yogurt parfait you can store in reusable containers.

We’ll need yogurt, fruit, and cereal! It doesn’t matter what fruit or cereal you choose, just pick one you like.

Next, slice (or dice) your fruit of choice.

After that, place 1/2 of the yogurt in a small bowl or reusable container. Layer half of the fruit on top of the yogurt.

Repeat this last step with the remaining yogurt and sliced fruit.

If you are eating the parfait right away, mix in your cereal of choice.

If you are saving the parfait for later, place your cereal in a separate bowl or reusable container and stir in when you’re ready to eat it.

Happy creating!

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