Just Peachy // A Perfect September Fruit

Fresh juicy peaches have arrived in Utah! You’ll find them on your own tree, your neighbor’s tree, fruit stands, farmers’ markets, and your local grocery store! Buying peaches when they are in-season means they are less expensive and more delicious.

Picking the perfect peach takes some practice. Look for peaches that are firm, but soft. Try to avoid any bruises. Choose peaches with a bright yellow under-color, and not a green one. Peaches with a strong sweet smell are ripe and ready to eat!

Peaches are high in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and can be eaten in many ways! Some of our favorites include:

  • Freshly washed
  • Tossed in salads
  • Blended in smoothies
  • Chopped in baked goods
  • Sliced on cereal, pancakes, or waffles
  • Topped on a yogurt parfait
  • Grilled with meat
  • Dried
  • Canned
  • Frozen

It’s hard to go wrong with a fruit that tastes so good!

If you want to learn some more fun facts about peaches, read our peach article from last year by clicking here, or, try one of our peach recipes today!


1. Henderson, Ann, “Peaches” (2012). All Current Publications. Paper 1134.

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