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Better Together // Create Family Mealtime

In September, we celebrate family mealtime! Eating together as a family is fun and helps your family be healthier.

Sometimes it’s hard to eat together as a family, between work, school, and other activities. But finding time to spend with your parents and siblings will give you memories that last a lifetime.

As a kid, you can help your family eat together more often by:

  • Planning meals with your parents and siblings
  • Not complaining at the grocery store
  • Helping cook meals
  • Happily coming home for dinner
  • Cleaning up and setting the table
  • Making mealtime enjoyable for everyone

Taking the chance to talk together is one of the reasons family meals are important. Talk about your likes, your dislikes, what you learned at school, and so much more! If you want some new ideas of things to talk about, try one of our conversation starters! Simply cut them out and put them in the center of the table. Each family member can take a turn reading a question. Let every person answer the question before moving on to the next one. You might be surprised what you learn about your family!

Make a goal to improve your family’s meals today! Maybe instead of having dinner together one night a week, have dinner together two nights a week. Whatever you do, bring a positive attitude to the table and have some fun. You won’t regret it!

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