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Raving Radish Dip // The Fun Way to Eat Your Vegetables

It’s that time of year when radishes are popping out of the ground, just waiting to be eaten! Radishes are often thought of as spicy or bitter, but turning them into a yummy dip will help mellow out those flavors.

We only need three ingredients for this dip…garlic, radishes, and low-fat cream cheese.

First, cut the tops and bottoms off of the radishes.

Next, slice each radish into four pieces. You can do this by cutting a ‘t’ shape into each of the radishes.

Place the garlic and radishes into a food processor or blender.

Pulse the food processor on high until the radishes are in tiny pieces, as shown in the picture below.

Now, add the cream cheese to the food processor. Mix until smooth.

And just like that, you’ve got yourself some radish dip!

Try eating your radish dip with whole-wheat crackers and vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, or bell peppers!


3 thoughts on “Raving Radish Dip // The Fun Way to Eat Your Vegetables”

  1. This looks amazing! We love radishes at our house, and this will be a fun recipe to try.
    PS: You have lovely photos of this recipe.

    1. If you love radishes, you’ll have to try adding even more than the recommended amount for a more vibrant flavor! And thank you 🙂

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