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The Protein Group

Its protein month! So far this year we’ve learned about grains and dairy, now we’re moving on to protein! Woohoo! 🍳🍗🥩🍤😋


It is good to have a little protein at each meal because not only does it have some important vitamins and minerals, but it also breaks down into ‘building blocks’ to build up our muscles and other tissues.

Before we jump in the details, take this protein quiz to test your knowledge!

How did you do?? Now that you got a little taste of protein facts, lets get some details:

Benefits of Protein:
  • Proteins act as building blocks as I mentioned. They help build muscle, bone, skin tissue, hormones, blood, and more!
  • B vitamins are found in meat protein and help the body produce energy
  • Protein foods contain something called IRON, which helps carry oxygen to your blood when red blood cells are forming. Getting enough iron is especially important during teenage years!
  • Proteins have zinc to keep your immune system strong
  • Seafood contains some healthy fats that help keep your heart healthy, and your mind alert
Types of Protein

Tip: Try to eat a fish protein 2-3 times a week (or 8 ounces) to help keep your heart strong and healthy throughout your life. 

Did you know that protein isn’t just hamburgers and chicken nuggets? Check out this list of proteins you can add to your meals:

  • Fish and other seafood
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Edamame
  • Eggs

Tip: It is recommended to eat about 5-6 ounces of protein a day, depending on how active you are. Most Americans eat this already, so rather than trying to get more protein, focus on getting a VARIETY of protein with more chicken, fish, beans, nuts…and less red meat. 

So if you are ready to add a power component to your plate, try out some new proteins this week and share below what you tried!

Happy Creating!

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