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Christmas is the most common winter holiday celebrated in the United States but there are a lot of other holiday celebrations this time of year! Today we’re going to learn about a few holidays celebrated by different cultures and religions this time year!


Hanukkah: an eight day and night Jewish holiday that falls between November and December. The holiday is referred to as “festival of lights”. It celebrates a rededication of a temple in Jerusalem. Some traditions include lighting one candle on the Menorah each night, playing dreidel, singing Hanukkah songs and exchanging gifts.

Kwanzaa: a celebration of African heritage and African-American culture that goes from December 26th-January 1st. Seven core principles are celebrated during this time – unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, faith, purpose, and creativity. The celebration ends with a feast and exchange of gifts.

Diwali: a Hindu celebration that spans five days, it is also called “festival of lights”. Diwali is commonly celebrated in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. People celebrating Diwali light small clay lamps to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. Traditions include bursting firecrackers, wearing new clothes during the festival, and sharing sweet treats!

There are many other holiday celebrations during this time of year. Click here to learn about more holidays celebrated throughout the world.

Information for this post came from unitedplanet.org

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