Physical Activity

#9 of 12 Days of Kids Create

In the classic Christmas carol “The 12 Days of Christmas” the 9th day of Christmas includes 9 ladies dancing. Dancing is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and it’s a good exercise!

When its cold outside dancing is a perfect way to stay physically active inside!

Get your family and friends together to play some of the dancing games below:

Memory Moves: Form a circle and choose someone to go first. The first person performs a dance move and then the next person performs the same move plus another dance move. The pattern continue with each person doing all the dance moves of the people before them and then adding their own move. See how long you can go before you can’t remember all the moves! Don’t forget the music. 🎶

Freeze dance: Have one person in charge of turning the music on and off. While the music is on everyone dances, when the music is turned off everyone freezes immediately. If the person controlling the music sees anybody moving while the music is off, they tell that person they’re out. Try to stay in the game the longest!

Musical Chairs: This is a classic game that requires everyone to put on their game face. Count the number of people playing then minus one, that is the amount of chairs you’ll need. Place the chairs in a circle. Once the music starts everyone should start dancing/walking around the chairs. Once the music stops everyone quickly tries to sit in a chair. The person who isn’t able to grab a chair is out. Remove a chair with each round.

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