Snack Attack!

Have you ever had a sudden need for a snack? You might call this occurrence a snack attack. Maybe you have a daily snack scheduled already – a lot of kids eat a snack when they get home from school. This month is the month of snacks! You’ll get some good snack ideas each week here on the blog.

A good way to choose a snack is by picking 2-3 sections of MyPlate, then choosing snack foods that would fit in those sections. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Protein: nuts, hard-boiled egg, peanut butter

Grain (choose whole grains): Pretzels, granola, popcorn

Fruit: banana, apple, grapes

Vegetable: carrot, broccoli, bell pepper

Dairy: yogurt, string cheese, low-fat chocolate milk

One of my favorite snacks is celery and peanut butter – it always satisfies my snack attacks!

To make it easier, here is a whole page of yummy and nutritious snack ideas (click image to view it larger):


What snack are you going to try next??



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