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Rad as a Radish

Eating radishes will leave you feeling ravished! (ravished means delighted) This time of year, radishes are in season, which means they’re extra tasty and you’ll be able to find them at the farmers market.

radish-2069606_640.jpgYou may think that radishes were given their name because they are very rad. 😉 The word radish actually comes from the latin word radix – radix means root. This makes sense because radishes are root vegetables, like potatoes and beets.

Most radishes have a mildly hot/spicy taste. If you’re thinking that you don’t like spicy foods, still give them a try! You might just find that you love radishes.


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Radishes are a tasty snack and they’re also nutritious. Below are some of the nutrients that your body gets when you eat radishes.

Vitamin C:  important for skin, tissue, bones, and healing.

Folate: helps make new cells.

Potassium: helps nerves and muscles work correctly.



Before eating radishes, cut off the leaves and the tip where the root was. After that you can…

  • eat them raw
  • add to them to a salsa recipe
  • put them in tacos
  • use as a salad topping
  • roast them with spices you like
  • add them to an omelet

How do you like to eat radishes?






Radishes are commonly red and round but they can also be long, like a carrot, and different colors.

Champion and Cherry Belle Radish: both of these varieties are the standard red and round radish.

Daikon Long White and Icicle Radish: these varieties look like a long white carrot.

Easter Egg Radish: these radishes are round and can be purple, red, or white.





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