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Gardens are Great

Have you ever eaten a fruit or vegetable that you grew in a garden? It is a lot of fun to watch a plant grow from a seed to something you can actually eat! Today we’re going to learn a little bit about growing a garden.


You may think of gardening as a something that looks like the picture to the right. A plot of dirt, like the picture, is a great place for garden but you don’t need this much space to start a garden. If you don’t have a big backyard, there is no need to worry!

You can plant vegetables and fruit in pots, buckets, or wherever there’s space, dirt, and sunlight!

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when you start a garden:

  • Sunlight: plants need sunlight to grow – make sure to find a sunny spot to put your plants.
  • Dirt (Soil): whether you’re planting in the ground or in a container, plants will grow best in good soil. Have a parent or other adult help you find or purchase good soil.
  • Type of plant: some fruits and vegetables don’t grow well in certain areas. Click here to find out what fruits and vegetable grow best where you live.


Today we’re going to keep it simple by learning how to grow tomatoes in a pot. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you grow some fantastic tomatoes:

Step 1: Don’t plant until the weather is warm enough. If the lowest temperature at night is about 50º F your tomatoes will be happy.

Step 2: Pick a good pot.  The pot should be sturdy and big enough for the roots to spread out. Make sure that there is at least one hole on the bottom for water drainage.

herb-817486_640Step 3: Fill your pot with the right soil. Potting soil works best for tomatoes, you can find it at stores with a garden center.

Step 4: Plant the tomatoes. Instead of planting tomato seeds, make it easier by planting a tomato seedling – this means it has been growing for a few weeks. By doing this, you get a head start and avoid the tricky beginning stages of growing tomatoes.

agriculture-blurred-background-close-up-965740-e1527871561164.jpgStep 5: Give the plant sunlight and water. Tomatoes will grow their best if they get at least 8 hours of sunlight each day. Wait till the top layer of soil has dried before giving the plant more water.

Step 6: Use a stake to support the plant. If the tomato plant has a wired cage around it, it won’t fall over as it grows.

Step 7: Pick and eat when ready. When the tomatoes are the right color, pick them off the plant and enjoy!

For more detailed steps and images, click here.


Do you feel ready to plant your own tomatoes?? Grab your whole family to help! With your family’s help you may find yourself planting more than tomatoes!

What fruits or vegetables do you want to grow?

Have fun!

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