What’s in Season?


Do you have a fruit/vegetable garden at your house, school, or community? If you do, put your hands in the air and say “woot woot!” – if you help work on the garden do an extra “woot”. Having a garden helps us eat foods that are fresh and nutritious.

The time when a fruit or vegetable is ready to be picked and eaten is the time it is considered to be “in season”. Each week for the next couple of months, we will learn about a fruit or vegetable that is currently in season.

For anyone who doesn’t have a garden nearby, don’t worry! You can still get the fruits and veggies that we’ll learn about from the grocery store or the farmers market.

shopping_8.jpgAlso, be on the watch for another blog post this week about how to start your own small garden.

If you’re thinking “I don’t really like vegetables or fruit”, be prepared for some recipes that will change your mind! It’s going to be a fun summer learning about and tasting lots of yummy and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Are you ready for a summer full of fresh fruits and vegetables? If the answer is yes, put your hands in the air and do another “woot woot!”.

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