Fun at the Farmers Market

Do you like fresh fruit and vegetables? Free samples? Locally made goods? Do you like having a good time?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, visit your local farmers market! Going to the farmers market is a win-win situation – you have a good time and the local community is supported.


Here are a few reasons why the farmers market is great:

  • Fruits and vegetables taste better when you buy them from the farmerProduce often travels 1,000+ miles to get to the grocery store – over this time, fruits and vegetables lose some of their fresh, delicious taste.
  • The Earth will thank youWhen food doesn’t have to travel so far to be sold, less pollution is released into the environment.
  • People who go to the farmers market tend to eat more fruits and vegetables. As we know, eating fruits and vegetables is important for good health.
  • You can learn a lot from the farmers. The farmers can give you recommendations on how to use the produce they are selling. You can also ask about how, where, and when their fruits/vegetables are grown.
  • New fruits and vegetables to try! You might just find your new favorite fruit or vegetable at the farmers market – sometimes there are even free samples to try 🙂


For a little extra fun try the farmers market scavenger hunt! Get your family involved and make it a competition. Click here for a printable version.


If you’re a little younger or have young siblings, click here for a kids version of the scavenger hunt.



There are a lot of recipes on this website that incorporate fruits and vegetables you can find at the farmers market! Find a recipe that sounds tasty, then see if you can find some of the ingredients at the farmers market.

Today we have talked about fruits and vegetables but you can find all sorts of things at the farmers market – fresh eggs, honey, dairy foods, artwork, tasty snacks and more!


Not sure where to find the closest farmers market? Type in your zip code at this website: https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/farmersmarkets


Information for this post came from nutrition.gov and farmersmarketcoalition.org

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