Spanish Rice (Arroz Español)


Planning a fiesta? This easy rice dish is the one for you! Rice is a very common part of meals in Latin America, as well as in Spain. This recipe can be eaten by itself, or you could add it to a burrito or taco. Can you think of any other creative ways to use this rice recipe?

Lets start by gathering the ingredients. You’ll need brown rice, salsa (homemade or store-bought), diced tomatoes, minced garlic, and water.

20180425_091625 (1)

In a frying pan, combine brown rice, garlic, tomatoes, salsa, and water.


Bring it to a boil.


Turn heat to low and cover pan. Let it simmer for 50 minutes. When the times up, you’re finished!

Will you eat it on its own or with something, like a burrito??




Recipe adapted from

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