Balance is Best

Have you ever lost your balance while playing a sport or exercising? One of the ways that we can help our bodies be healthy is by practicing good balance. Have you ever thought of balancing as a way to be physically active?

Today we will learn why balance helps us and how we can improve our balance!


Balance is part of every movement. If we were unbalanced we would fall over a lot! You’ve probably noticed that staying balanced can be harder when riding a bike or hopping on one leg.

Practicing balance exercises can help prevent injury while participating in all types of sports. In addition to being safer, you can perform better if you have good balance!


There are two types of balance exercises:

Static:  staying balanced without moving – example: standing on one foot.

Dynamic: staying balanced while moving – example: walking on a balance beam


Here are some ways you can improve your balance:

  • Try doing yoga! (This website has poses you can try)
  • Stand on one leg – you can have a competition with siblings or friends to see who lasts the longest.
  • Play hopscotch.
  • Ride a bike or scooter.

What balance exercises can you think of??

Have fun balancing!


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