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Let’s go fly a kite!

spring-2298279_1280-e1523636402331.jpgIt is time to come out of our winter caves and take a deep breath of fresh spring air! It is such a good time to be outside because the sun is out and everything is blooming. Is there anything better than feeling the sun on your skin while looking at the blossoming flowers and trees?

The warm weather allows for a lot more physical activity options. It’s been a few months since talking about the importance of being physically active. Do you remember the recommendation for length of daily physical activity?

60 minutes!

What this really means is 60 minutes of doing something fun that involves moving your body. Dancing, playing soccer, walking the dog, gardening, etc. What are some of your favorite ways to be physically active?

One way to be physically active while taking advantage of the beautiful weather is by flying kites! You can buy a kite or you can make one yourself. Everyone in your family could make a kite and then you could have a contest to see which kite flies the best. Tip: Pick a windy day or area to fly your kite.

Check out the video below to learn one way to make a kite.


This is can be a fun way to get your body moving!


Step 1: Buy or create a kite.

Step 2: Grab a friend or your family, invite them to join the fun.

Step 3: Find a park.

Step 4: Have fun while trying to get your kite in the air.

Make sure to avoid flying your kite near trees!


Happy Creating!


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