New Year SMART goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and are ready to jump back into school!

You have probably heard everyone making their ‘New Years Resolutions’. Everyone is excited at the beginning of the year and wants to become healthier, but we also know that most people don’t end up achieving their resolutions!

Why is that? Well, most New Year’s Resolutions are not what we call: SMART goals. If you simply say “I will be healthy this year”, you might push yourself to be active and eat healthy for a little while, but then you burn out because really, what does being healthy really mean? So let’s try something different this year. Let’s make a healthy SMART goals together! Here is what I mean by SMART:

S- Specific 

  • Rather than saying “I will be healthy this year” Try something like, I will start eating at least 3 fruits and vegetables each day, or I will learn trail running, or I will spend more time with my family, etc. Be specific so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve!

M- Measurable

  • In order too see if you are achieving your goals, you need to know what success means! This could be something like, I will be able to trail run for 3 miles, or I will know how to cook 10 new breakfast meals, or I will plan at least 1 family dinner each week, etc. This gives you something to measure with. You If you learn 10 breakfast meals, you achieved your goal, if you didn’t, you still have some work to do, its as simple as that!

A- Achievable

  • If you struggle to run 10 minutes in a row, a marathon might not be a realistic goal for January. You might have the ultimate goal to run a marathon, but start with some realistic goals that will put you on that path while keeping you motivated. There is nothing more discouraging than realizing halfway through that the goal you made was unrealistic.
  • So listen to your body and let your strengths guide you in this choice

R- Relevant

  • When you are in the middle of making a big change, things might be difficult. It is during those times that you need to remember why you started. So write it down now. Why are you doing this goal? Is it to have more energy? Is it so you live a long life? Is it so you feel better about yourself? Your reason can vary, but decide why you are making your goal now.

T- Timely

  • Last but not least! Set a time frame. Are you going to learn to trail run by running 3x a week and be able to do a 3 mile run in August, or are you going to learn about and try 1 new fruit or vegetable each month of the year, or will you learn how to make a new snack each week until the end of the school year? Give yourself a time limit so you stay motivated. Remember to keep it achievable/ realistic!

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Happy Creating!


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