Christmas in the Kitchen!

With only a couple weeks till Christmas, it’s time to put on our apron and Santa hat and try out some new treats!

Today we have 4 fun Christmas food art. These are all great for your Christmas parties, or even just to have on the table to snack on throughout Christmas day!

1. Ornament Veggie Dish

This one is really simple. You need a round platter or plate, a piece of paper cut into a dome shape, and your favorite veggies (I used carrots, celery, and grape tomatoes).

Chop up your veggies and have fun designing the ornament! I like to leave a space open on mine to put a veggie dip or cottage cheese for dipping when I serve the platter.


2. ‘Egg-cellent’ snowman

For this recipe you need two boiled eggs for each snowman, slices, pretzel sticks, carrots, and cream cheese (optional).

First, stack the two eggs with a pretzel stick.


Then add all of his features: a carrot nose, eyes (use kitchen scissors to make the rice shape)


3. Breakfast Candy Cane

This next treat is a great breakfast for the big day! For this you will need your favorite pancake mix, strawberries, and vanilla yogurt.

First, cook your batter into the shape of a candy cane.

Cover your entire pancake with yogurt, and then layer with slices of strawberries


Breakfast is served!

4. Fruit Christmas Tree

And then last but not least, let’s put a spin on a classic fruit tray! For this tray you need 1-3 green fruits (I used honeydew and green grapes), pineapple, berries, yogurt (or any fruit dip), toothpicks, and 3 small styrofoam cups.

The cups will be attached with toothpicks. Start with prep. Cut, clean and peel the fruits as needed, and then cut the pineapple into a star.


Start from the bottom, put in a a toothpick and then put on one of the green fruits. Repeat the layers until you have reached the top.

When you make it to the top, use toothpicks to cover the top with smaller grapes and then the pineapple star.

Last, decorate your tree with berries.


Merry Christmas and Bon Appetite!



Happy Creating!



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