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Dynamite and DYNAMIC Stretching!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend! Before you get started on your adventures, heres a quick tip to help you stay safe while being active. It’s called:

Dynamic Stretching

Before you start any type of physical activity, it is important to loosen and warm up your muscles and joints. Without warming up, you are more likely to pull a muscle or twist an ankle, so don’t forget it! Another good thing about dynamic stretching is that you can count it towards your 60 minutes of play each day.

So what is Dynamic Stretching? Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that keeps you moving rather than the traditional ‘static’ stretching. It warms up your muscle while lengthening and strengthening to prevent the damage that could happen if you did static stretching on cold muscles. 

Ready to try some of these dynamic stretches? Test out the following stretches (in any order) before school, practice, or play and your muscles will feel amazing!

  • 1 minute Side Shuffle
  • 1 minute Carioca/ Grapevine
  • 1 minute Backpedal Jog
  • 1 minute Walking Knee to Chest
  • 1 minute Lunge Walk with Twist
  • 1 minute Straight Leg Kick
  • 1 minute Heel to Rear Jog
  • 1 minute Power Skip Plus Reach

If you are not sure how to do any of these stretches check out the ‘how to’ videos.

Comment below with your favorite dynamic stretch for a chance to win your very own resistance band! (Limited to ages 8-18 and living in Utah)

Get ready, get set, Get Active!

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