Kale Chips

Ready to try Kale in a crispy, tasty way? Kale is a loaded with vitamins and minerals, and if prepared correctly, it might become your all-time favorite snack. So lets try this recipe out!





For this recipe, all you need is 1-2 bunches of Kale, 2 Tablespoons of oil (I use olive oil, but you can also try a vegetable oil such as ‘canola’), and spices of your choice.




First, take each kale leaf and slide the leafy part off of the thick, bitter stem:

Next, wash the leaves, tear into 2 inch pieces and put on a freshly cleaned towel. Try to remove all the water from the leaves (this will make the chips crispy after cooking):

Ready to get your hands dirty? Massage the leaves with oil, and seasoning. As you massage for a couple minutes, you will get oil on each leaf, and you will massage out the natural bitterness of kale.






After a little massaging, spread your leaves evenly onto a baking sheet.  For 1 bunch of Kale, I had to use 2 baking sheets.





Finally, pop the trays in the oven for 5 minutes. Open the oven (letting moisture out), flip the chips over, and cook for another 5 minutes while watching carefully. Pull them out and let them cool. Bon appetite!

Something I LOVE about Kale chips is that they are so simple, and I just can’t stop eating them, they are so tasty! The other thing is, you can get creative with them. This time I simply used garlic salt and pepper, but you can try some other combinations such as:

  • Mexican flavors: chili powder and cumin
  • Warm flavors: Cinnamon and or a little nutmeg
  • Savory flavors: Onion powder and paprika
  • Indian flavors: Curry
  • Garlic & Parmesan

and the list goes on! So test this out with several different flavors and take a picture of your favorite spice combination. Comment below for a chance to win a fun prize!


Happy Creating!






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