The Many Faces of Family Mealtime

How are the mealtime pledges coming along? (check out the post from September 1st for more details) If you haven’t started, we are still early in the month so do not fret!

Family Mealtime doesn’t just have to be a fancy dinner at the table

  • They can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • They can be inside, or outside
  • They can be formal or laid back
  • They can be themed
  • They can be fancy or simple

The options are endless! Try this family Mealtime Bingo to get the ideas flowing!


Family Mealtime Bingo Challenge (Printable)

There are many faces of family mealtime. Is your family creative? Silly? Healthy?

Take a picture of your family having a meal. Then add the picture and write one word to describe your family meals in the comments below.


Happy Creating!


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