Knife Skills: Slice and Dice an Onion

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Today we are taking a look at something all chefs, kids and adults, need to know. In many recipes we need to use knives to chop, slice, and dice. With a little bit of knowledge, knives can go from scary to safe. We will go over basics of using a knife called a chef’s knife, then take a look at how to dice an onion like a pro!

A chef’s knife is a common knife to find in the kitchen, and can be used for many different things. A chef’s knife looks like this:

However, if you don’t have a chef’s knife at your house, what we are learning can work with other knives too.

First, let’s learn how to grip the knife. To watch a short 1-minute video explaining this, click here.

Now that we know how to hold the knife, let’s use the knife to dice an onion. IMG_1814

First, cut the onion in half as pictured:


Next, cut off the ends and peel the dry, papery layers off of the onion.

Create Tip: Have a garbage bowl out on your table. It will make things much easier and less messy.

Now, using your knife, cut the onion into strips, but don’t cut all the way through to the end.

Next, slice the onion in the opposite direction in thin strips. With the hand that isn’t holding the knife, remember to curl your fingers so your knuckles are closest to the knife as shown in the video.

Repeat with the other half, and just like that, your onion is diced! From here, the possibilities are endless. To used your diced onion to make a simple salsa, click here.

When it comes to knife skills, practice makes perfect. As you practice, using a knife in the kitchen will become much easier and take less time.

This week, try using your new skills by finding a recipe that includes a diced onion, or create your own.

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