Dry Fruit, Not your Body!

Pop Quiz! Can you spot the difference between pictures from A and B?

                                A                                                                                                                  B


If you said that the B foods are the DEHYDRATED version of the A foods (or something to that effect), you, my friend have passed the quiz of the day. That wasn’t so bad was it?

Those dehydrated fruits and veggies are wonderful healthy snacks, but something that isn’t so wonderful and healthy is when YOU are dehydrated.

Water makes up about 60% of the average person. So you can imagine all the consequences of not staying hydrated!




Some examples of where that water goes is: blood plasma (water makes up 93%) and bones (water makes up 20%)!



Water helps:

  • build cells and is extremely critical during growth spurts
  • prevents constipation by improving digestion
  • carry nutrients to the cells and take waste products out of the body
  • regulate body temperature
  • lubricate joints and muscles
  • absorb shocks from walking, running, and any other impact on the body

So how much should we drink?

Age Males Females Add some more water  if you experience the following:
9-13 5-6 cups/per day 5-6 cups per day Exercising

Higher temperatures (Hello summertime heat)


14-18 7 glasses per day 6 glasses per day
Adults About 10 glasses per day 8-9 glasses per day


Water shouldn’t feel like a chore but rather it should help you feel refreshed, energized, and healthy! So mix it up a bit and look up different water-fruit-herb combinations and comment with a picture of your favorite flavored water creation!

Happy Creating!



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