Summertime Fun

It’s mid-summer and the temperatures are rising!


These clear and sun-shining days are the perfect time to be active with friends and family. Did you know that it is recommended to participate in an average of 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity every day??

60 minutes of play a day!

Staying active while growing helps…

-Improve mood through hormonal changes in the body

-Increase energy levels

-Keep our hearts strong and healthy

-Strengthen our bones before they stop growing

-Help our bodies grow to a healthy size (both height and weight)


With all these great benefits, how do you stay active during the hot summer days? Here are some ideas to help you soak up the sun, but keep you cool as well.

  • Have a pool day
  • Explore a state or national park (bring lots of water)
  • Have a water balloon fight with all your friends
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go ice blocking (buy a block of ice from the store, put a towel on the top and slide down your neighborhood grassy hill)
  • Pull out the chalk and make the ultimate sidewalk fun zone! (giant hopscotch, four square, etc.)
  • Create an obstacle course in the backyard (be sure to add some water to your course with the hose or kiddy pool)
  • Create a human board game. You can draw the spaces with chalk on the sidewalk or paint on the grass and make a giant dice with construction paper.
  • Have a water relay and transfer the water from a full bucket to an empty bucket with only the use of a big sponge.

**Remember to wear sunscreen if you are outside for longer than 15 minutes, and anytime you are outside between 12 and 3 o clock p.m. Also drink lots of water with EVERY fun activity.

What are some ways you stay active and cool in the summer time?

Make Your Move 10 Day Challenge

Printable: Make your Move 10 Day Challenge

For the rest of the summer make your move and do 60 minutes of activity a day. Bonus points will be given for trying a new activity! Fill out this 10 day challenge handout and email me at foodsense@usu.edu for a chance to win a outdoor fun prize. Winner will be selected August 24th.

Now get going and have some healthy fun!

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