Be Brave! (Build Variety)

Is it bad to be a picky eater? Here’s the deal. Every food has different nutrients in it. If we eat a lot of different foods, we get a lot of different nutrients. If we eat the same foods over and over, we may get a lot of some nutrients and be missing out on others. It is important to eat a lot of different foods, and continue to try new foods. The word to describe this is variety. When we have variety in what we eat, we we are giving our body many different nutrients it needs to do its job. If you are picky eater, don’t worry! That doesn’t have to last forever. Keep being brave when it comes to trying new foods. It has been found that it can take about 12 times of eating a food until we start liking it. So if at first you don’t like a food, Keep trying! Being brave with food is the way to a diet full of variety and a healthy body and happy tummy.

Which of these meals looks like it has variety?

If you chose the first picture, you’re right! Different kinds of foods means more variety. To have more variety in what you eat this week, BE BRAVE! Try one food you have never tried, or you didn’t like the first time you tried. Creating a diet full of variety can be exciting and fun.

Happy Creating!

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