Art + Eat: Greek Yogurt Finger Painting

Who likes painting? Who likes snacking? Today’s post combines two of the world’s most wonderful activities! Greek yogurt finger painting is both a fun activity, and a colorful, nutritious snack. You will only need two ingredients:

  1. White Greek yogurt (plain, vanilla, honey, or coconut)
  2. Food Coloring (a pack of 4 colors should only cost around $1.50)

To start, separate your yogurt into separate bowls, however many colors you would like to create. If you are painting with friends, make sure you each have your own bowl of each color so you don’t share germs.


Next, create your color palette. We used about 3 drops of coloring for one cup of yogurt. the more coloring you use, the darker the color.

Create Tip:  There are endless possibilities when mixing colors. Experiment with mixing and create your favorite!


Once your colors are mixed well, it is time to create your canvas to paint on. You could use simple sheets of paper, or for a bigger canvas, try covering your entire table or counter with plastic wrap. Again, if you are paining with friends, make sure to have a separate sheet of paper for everyone.

The next step is very important, especially for finger painting…WASH YOUR HANDS. In order to make sure your hands are as clean as can be, wash them for at least 20 seconds.

Create Tip: Try singing the ABC song as you wash, and when the song is done you can be done too.

Once your paintbrushes (fingers) are squeaky clean, paint away!


The great thing about having clean hands and not sharing paint or paper with anyone is…you can lick your fingers! When you’re needing to switch colors, just lick your fingers and start using your new color. Double dipping is okay if you aren’t sharing.

Now would be a great time to eat yogurt with your hands…when else would your parents let you do that?? This finger painting is a fun way to get messy and eat messy, but make sure you keep the space other than your fingers and painting space clean.

Have extra paint? Try topping your yogurt with granola, fruit, or your favorite cereal for a colorful snack. If you want to get creative and make homemade granola, there is a simple recipe here:

We hope you enjoy this fun Art + Eat.

Happy Creating!

– Kids Create Team

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