Veggie Vibes

Welcome to Part 2 of the MyPlate series! We talked about what MyPlate is and now we are going to take a closer look at each section with some fun games and contests.

First off we have fruits and veggies. Remember when mom said to eat your veggies? We need to not only eat them, but we need to eat half a plate worth of them! So why is that?


Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Full of fiber→ helps keep your belly healthy
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals → helps with muscle building, vision, bone building, building immune systems (AKA preventing your body from getting that annoying cold)
  • Phytochemicals → help keep your heart healthy, fights off ‘bad’ cells (free radicals), improves vision, and prevents your body from developing certain chronic diseases in the future (Alzheimers, Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, and the list goes on).
  • When prepared right, they can have some of the best flavors
  • Colorful combinations make dishes more appealing


Fruits and vegetables don’t have to be boring. Check out these fun creations for ideas on how to brighten up your plate:


Send your own food art creation to  foodsense@usu.edu for a chance to win a fun kitchen gadget and have your food art displayed! Judging will take place on July 22nd so you have one month!

Happy Creating!

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