Pop on over!

How many of you like to experiment? I tried a bunch of experiments with popping popcorn in an electric skillet and it was pretty cool. And it works very well for the most part :).

I made a couple different kinds of popcorn in different ways…
I tried different varieties of popcorn as well as different methods of cooking the popcorn in the electric skillet. I used coconut oil, butter, vegetable oil, and nothing (just a dry pan).
I heated the skillet to 400 and then added the oil (or whatever one I used) and then the popcorn.
 I then put the lid on and left it a little bit ajar. And then let it pop for a few minutes until most of the kernels are popped.
Turn off the skillet and take of the lid carefully…you still may get some stray popcorn flying so take it off at your own risk 🙂
I like a little butter and salt on my popcorn and so now it a great time to make a pond in the middle of your popcorn mountain and melt the butter.
Stir well and sprinkle with a little salt if desired.
In my experiment, I found that the vegetable oil or coconut oil works best for popping popcorn.  The dry pan takes quite a bit longer to pop and didn’t seem quite as fluffy but it still works. And the butter burned so don’t do that one. The yellow popcorn was the fluffiest but that might be because it was probably the freshest…
This is the burned butter popcorn. It still tasted okay but not recommended. Melt the butter AFTER the popcorn is popped!
Try lots of different seasonings and flavors 🙂
That was so easy that you could have a neighborhood popcorn party! And popcorn is a whole grain so that counts as a bonus! 

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