Why Not Waffle It?

So in thinking of what to make, I thought, “why not try waffling corn bread?” That way there are more holes to hold the honey butter! Or make it into a Navajo taco…Hmmmm, interesting. And so I tried it and guess what? It worked great! (Even if the pictures are a little creepy…:) So here goes…

Take your favorite cornbread mix and follow directions on the package…
Mix together to make batter…
Pour onto a greased, preheated waffle iron. I added the blueberries trying to bake a face in it but it didn’t really work. However, the cornbread baked great in the waffle iron.
So I made a face on the cornbread after I waffled it. Didn’t last very long–delicious! What else could you waffle?


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