Lil Oinkers

Tangy, Sweet, Smoky, Yummy, PULLED PORK SANDWICHES!

This is another recipe that the creations are endless…

Now what you know what is for dinner!
Get a pork roast or boneless pork ribs and your favorite seasoning…
Throw the pork in slow cooker. I used the slow cooker bags (one of the best things ever!) but if not, you will want to spray it with cooking spray.
Let it cook on low for 6-8 hours (with the lid on) and then pull out your favorite BBQ sauce…
This is what it may look like 🙂
Pull it apart with a fork…
You can add the BBQ sauce to the pork in the slow cooker or  just pour it over the top on the sandwich like I did. What kind of fun seasoning or sauce could you add to mix it up a little?

There is no printable recipe. Create your own!

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