Banana Bread Pancakes

Sooo easy and sooo yummy! No other words are needed.



Make pancake mix as directed on package. The mix in the picture called for:

2 cups pancake mix

2 cups milk

2 eggs

4 Tablespoons oil (Since I used a banana, I took out the oil but either way is fine).

1 overripe banana, mashed

Chopped nuts (optional)

Mix all ingredients together. Pour onto hot greased griddle. Turn pancakes over when bubbly. Serve with butter sauce or syrup.

If you have a complete (just add water) pancake mix, just mash a banana and add to it. How easy is that?

Gather the ingredients
Mash your banana
Mix it all together
Cook on hot griddle and look cute šŸ™‚
Serve with butter sauce or syrup and dig in!

For printable version, click hereĀ banana-bread-pancakes

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